She could stop the bleeding, make the pain go away and comfort a restless baby with one light touch of her hand. The entire village was filled with the pungent smell of roses from her garden. When they asked her how she does it, she just smiled.

She lost her parents when she was 8.  With a little brother on her hands, she worked hard day and night. Her smile kept her brother alive. She promised him that she would never ever love anybody else. 

When she did fall in love and got married, the great war broke and took her husband away from her.  Forever.  And, like that was not enough, the war killed her baby-girl.  She worked harder that ever, helping the weak and the sick around her.  Her brother came back from war.  Alive. She kept smiling.

When she got married again, her second husband died from cancer.  And, like that was not enough, her youngest son was killed in the accident.

Her hairs turned white, her voice lost its strength, but she kept a steady hand and keen eye. Those in need could find the way to her house at anytime of day or night. Her smile kept them alive.

When she was dying, drowned in  pain for days, people from the village made an opening in the roof of her house to set her soul free from all promises. She smiled one last time.


About Parallel Galaxy

"Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain
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