The river Svetlana

The River was frustrated. She felt trapped in the same strait. She wanted to go back to her roots, the Parent-Glacier.  She wanted to see the Big World that was hidden behind the dull trees and rocks that surrounded her.

She longed for Friends, strong and fast like her, with whom she could talk. But all other rivers that she met were too weak; she just absorbed them on her way.  And she couldn’t go back into her worry-free happy childhood. And she couldn’t change her course to see what is going on her left or right because she was a pretty focused and determined kind of river.

One quiet morning, a bird’s song woke her up.  The little lark was singing how beautiful the life is in this quiet valley.

The River looked around and… discovered a pretty dazzling scenery: rainbow of flowers and jewels of rocks,  spectacular fields and mysterious woods…

– I never have seen anything like that before! – admitted the River.

– You are so focused on finding yourself, your own way, your destination, your destiny.  You are so strong and powerful!..You just haven’t noticed anything else…

– Now, when you have seen our beautiful world, how can you leave! Stay with us!  Life is so safe and easy here! – the lark was singing.

– The trees will protect you from stormy winds! The rocks will give you their shoulders and calm you down when you are in distress! The birds will always cheer you up!

The song was going on and on… But the little lark couldn’t caught up with the fast stream of the River. The River left him behind pretty soon,  she was racing full speed ahead into her absolutely insecure, uncertain, unclear and adventurous Great Future.

About Parallel Galaxy

"Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain
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