Just another Galaxy

The Black Hole was so tired to serve as a passage for the others.  Everybody was attracted by it’s enormous  strength.  They come and go.  The Black Hole was caring, accommodating, transforming and launching them all eventually into their next life phase.

When it finally spent all  the energy and felt dying, connections with the outside world got shut down. And then something strange happened… The Black Hole noticed a brand new world right inside itself: glorious stars with necklaces of planets dancing around them…

When the Black Hole touched one of the planets with its hot breath, the planet… responded right away with tenderness and love …like a newborn baby!

The Black Hole used the leftovers of its energy to calm the baby-planet down with its icy embrace, bathing it with  meteor showers.  And the Life started waking up there, in its most amazing forms…

There is so much work to do: cleaning up the mess and  nursing its new stars.  The stars that worshiped the Black Hole like a…  That is right, it was not a Black Hole anymore, it was a new self-sufficient Galaxy with a stunning display of  bright blue jewels-stars!

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First, she spotted just a trace of a tender glowing dim intersecting her path. It was annoyingly relentless and tempting.

– Don’t follow it, stay on course! – her mind was comfortably navigating her path as usual.  That is right, she didn’t need any distraction.  Everything she needed was to rely on her hunting skills and get herself fed.

But the pull was getting stronger and so painfully appealing.

– Danger! Don’t do it! – her mind got alarmed now.

Her senses started failing her until she felt completely blind and helpless… That was her stubborn mind sabotaging every step away from the familiar route.  But she managed to shut it down, what a relief!

She was getting closer, closer… Here it was at once – the source of her anxiety, last and deception… So powerful and yet so defenceless…

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Even the sun notices me and gently strokes my body with its warm rays! The wind could hardly follow my victorious flight and the ocean changes its flow around my course.

I got it all – the great vision of a divine design, and a legacy of the fastest and largest…

The ocean, the stars and I – we are the one! The ultimate answer!  If only I knew what the question was…

© Antonio Grambone

The icy kiss of eternity released me from my restless search.  I AM HOME! My place is here! I am not going anywhere else!  What a passionate pull…  Pull of life, hungry for a  fresh blood…

100 years ago, on April 10th 1912 the Titanic sailed from Southampton with 2,200 passengers and crew, four days later the Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank. 1500 people died and 700 survived. 

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A Lullaby to My Past

Don’t be afraid a little girl! Everything is going to be all right!

You will see magically beautiful places and real wizards! You will find yourself becoming the one, with the most powerful smile the world has ever seen!

There is nothing in this world to be scared of!

Only good things will happen to you.  You will meet old friends from your favorite books! .. The fast eagle and the fearless tiger… the wise rabbit and the gracious bear… And the Prince, of course! The real one!

Don’t you worry about anything – you already have it all in you: the depths of the brightest lake, the infinity of the timeless sky and the stature of the most majestic mountains in the world!

Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain

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Happy birthday Tunde!

– Happy birthday Tunde!

I didn’t know where that voice came from. I was perfectly alone, counting stars in my head. And yet here it was again:

– Hey, don’t you recognize your home star anymore?!

I could clearly track it now to one of the stars that was twinkling happy in my cerebral hemisphere.

– Which home star you are talking about? – I asked.
– You came from the star called Tunde.  You were posted here when we first signed up for a new social app called Earth.  It became a popular social network for stars to connect and learn about each other.

– We lost you for awhile… You got viral, got shared by so many other stars, moved so fast from one space to another.  You have changed a lot too…  The Earth  has its own rules and you had to accept them… You cannot fly anymore… But you are a child of Universe: you adapted, you created your own galaxy! You make your ideas fly!

– Do carry on! Be you! Share your light generously, learn as much as you can and always, always  remember who are you and where are you coming from!

Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy.

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When Ice meets Fire

At one warm early spring morning, a bright yellow flower, sun-kissed all over and hot like a fire, was dreaming of a cool winter flight of a snowflake.

Making a Wish on a Dandelion – Vivaboo.

In its turn, a first winter snowflake,  mused at our window, was charmed by the hot fire flames in the fireplace.

She had never seen anything so beautiful.  She should of better fly away from the warm window but she didn’t.  And eventually became a glorious winter frost on the window that made flames in fireplace dye from resentment.

When time came, the bright head of our spoiled friend Dandelion became white and a wind gave him the kick to launch toward new terrain.  That was a flight of his dream… a glorious snowstorm in the middle of summer!

His victorious passage ended in the cool moist space under the same window that was beautified by our little snowflake at Christmas time. And the dreams of flights and beauty started all over again.

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I did it again! I freed myself from everything that was squeezing my heart and making me gasp for breath… All inceptions are now blown away! Gone!! What a great shower was it! Even other mountains had a bit of wobble!

Path to Shambhala. Nicholas Roerich Museum.

It feels so clean and fresh!  I wonder if the sun recognizes my new look?  My skin is so sensitive, even light breeze sends shivers down my spine.

Fotopedia Magazine — Zanskar, One of the Most Remote Places on the Planet, by Yongyut Kumsri.

Wow, I can see so clear now! How could I live with all this stuff blinding my sight?.. And there is so much space! .. To fill in with new dreams and endeavors!

Good morning world!

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Whispers of the river of life

Whispers of the river of life…  My sporadic streams take you up and down all the time.  Sometimes it is so deep and cold that even the skilled swimmer couldn’t make it… Isn’t it exciting enough for you? Why do you run away into artificial wonderlands from your life real attractions? Love and hate, stroke of luck and fall…

How come you have never get carried away and explore my frivolous streams: glory and adventure?… Most of you don’t even try. You just want to escape into your dead past or to dive away into the palliative future.

Lena Chamamyan – Sareri Hovin Mernem

Are you afraid not to be able to fit into unhappy crowd around you? Hey, you’ve got only one shoot at the life, better live it!

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Meditation – Gypsy Dance

Drop everything! Now! Cannot waste a second! Let it go! Do it while you still can!..

And here they all go, bumping into each other in the rash: all my worries and all my doubts… Than the rest flashed down: responsibilities, believes, values, feelings, passions and possessions that possessed me… That’s it! What a relief!

It is … empty, scary empty.. and… yet… clear and exciting! What is it that carries me away? Wow, this is the Wind of Adventure in my ears!  Where am I going? No, I don’t want any answers! Let’s leave it as is. It is good like that.  No feelings, no a single thought in my head, just an instinct – to grow.  Yes! I am growing! Like a newborn leaf on a tree of life.  Silly and happy and so interminably strong! Fearless and restless to grow! To see what is up there behind the horizon…

Higher! Faster! Stronger!! Suddenly, I was feeling like bursting in flames… being carried away in some crazy gypsy dance! Changing my colors, senses, shapes!!… And finally flying, free, admiring own effortless flight… Chasing the wind of another great adventure!  In search for the ultimate truth!

Up and down and up again in some miraculous eternal descend… Shaking in rhythm with pulsating Universe and, finally, dropping dead.  To rest. A beautiful golden leaf behind the tree, going back to its roots…

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